Sunday, July 03, 2005

Who is the true superhero?

Cartoon book superhero fanatics are always at loggerheads. Is Spiderman a more larger than life hero as opposed to Batman, or is it Superman? ... I was always a big fan of both spiderman and batman as a kid, and enjoy watching/reading the cartoon strips even now. But as far as I am concerned, the late Bob Kane, created what I believe to be the ultimate super-hero. Bruce Wayne, the man behind the bat mask is your regular city lad, not endowed with any superhero like powers unlike his contemporaries, which makes it that much more believable. His elevated status to a superhero is all credit to himself, undergoing years of rigorous training. But, what makes Batman extra-special as a superhero is his heart. He is a freakin billionaire for all practical purposes & the sole heir to all of the Wayne empire, and if he wanted could have led a regular, filthy-rich lad, dont-care-whether-rest-of-the-city-rots lifestyle.
But Batman has the heart to give it all away for the good of Gotham City, the will to make a difference. Nobility runs in his blood, his father's true son.

If you havent watched Batman Begins yet, you are losing out on a lot. Its by far the best batman movie made till date, it has a strong storyline and is just plain splendid.


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At 7:04 PM, Blogger Daniel Brosman said...

Well what I do know is that the true superhero is Jesus Christ. :)


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