Wednesday, April 27, 2005

the mother of all merger messes

Now I am not a big fan of Grasso, nor his diehard supporter Langone, but I am happy Langone & co. are giving John Thain/Goldman Sachs a run for their money (big money), by coming up with this whole rival bid option to the Goldman Sachs nurtured/brokered NYSE-Archipelago deal.

Even though I know heart-of-hearts that Langone is just freakin peeved at having lost out on making some big bucks (not that he is lacking in any), and its probably just a clash of egos at this point, I am still happy that the finer details of merger will now come out to the fore, and things will be more open, inducing some amount of fairness to the whole freakin deal (or so I hope !).

As an aside, I am simply loving the cat-fight, so Thain and Langone can fight, scratch and bite all they want ... I'll be waiting to catch it on nytimes the next day ... he he he